CryptoSpend Wallet

Send, Store, Recieve and Spend. All in one easy to use app

Supported Cryptocurrencies




Bitcoin Cash


Why CryptoSpend Wallet?


Send easily to any address, inside or outside Cryptospend. Cryptospend will detect if the receive address is a Cryptospend user and will run the transaction offchain, instantly, for free!


Recieve BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP into your Cryptospend wallet, all of which can be loaded onto your CryptoSpend card


Link your wallet to your CryptoSpend card and spend your crypto-assets, wherever you would use your normal cards or just as you would use your normal bank account.


Track your crypto-spending through the app!

Linked to Crypto
Spend Card

Link your CryptoSpend Wallet and CryptoSpend Card together!

Easy, Simple

We set out to design our interface to be usable by everyone

Whether you're a seasoned crypto user, or a crypto novice. The CryptoSpend app is a simple unified interface, made to be used by all

Simply sign up, deposit and spend

Send Crypto, Instantly

Send crypto between CryptoSpend users, Instantly! We send

transactions between CryptoSpend peers instantly through off-chain

payments to allow instant transactions

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